History of the East Northport Chamber of Commerce

The East Northport Chamber of Commerce was established in 1994 and is proud to be celebrating 21 years of serving the East Northport neighborhood and the business community. The Chamber is dedicated to creating a positive climate for doing business and living in East Northport.

Dr. Mark A. Capodanno along with Stuart Besen, Esq., Rich Greco, CPA and a few other business people toyed with the idea of starting up a Chamber of Commerce. At that time, many storefronts on Larkfield Road were empty and this group of energetic hopefuls pooled their ideas on how to revitalize the business district. In June, 1994 the East Northport Chamber of Commerce was officially formed.

Our first East Northport Festival was held in 1996. In 1998 The Annual Gold Classic was started. Scholarships for graduating seniors were formed. We became the Charter Organization for Boy Scout Troop 52. In 2003 we joined forces with the East Northport Rotary and Visiting Nurse Service and Hospice of Suffolk to bring “A Taste of Long Island” Long Island’s premier food, wine & beer tasting event to the East Northport community.

Not only is the Chamber blessed with new businesses joining in but now we’re approached by residents who want to help keep the momentum going on sprucing up East Northport! It’s obvious that the sense of pride of living and working in East Northport is not the Chamber’s alone!

The growth of the East Northport Chamber is due to many marvelous, caring people. The past and present board members should be highly commended for taking their time and utilizing their talents. The members and residents alike for their support and enthusiasm have helped greatly in each and every success of the East Northport Chamber of Commerce.

Previous Presidents

  • Mike Karp


  • Mark Capodanno


  • Stuart Besen


  • Chuck Adams


  • Lynn Ruvolo


  • Jimmy Madsen


  • Cliff Austen


  • Chuck Adams


  • Brian Valeri


  • Jill Bergman