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Clipper Magazine
Clipper Magazine

Clipper Magazine publishes hundreds of regional and local editions, from New England to Florida, from Long Island to Southern California. Each one is distributed by direct mail through the U.S. Postal Service. Each one reflects our strict emphasis on color, quality and consumer response. And, of course, each one gets results for its advertisers… for a fraction of the cost of mass media like newspapers, radio and TV.

Even though Clipper Magazine has prided itself on offering “The Best Local Advertising In America” we have not forgotten our national clientele. Our National & Regional Advertising department is dedicated to building your business nationwide by getting consumers locally. Clipper Magazine’s National Supplement is ideal for introducing new products, building established brands, presenting seasonal promotions & getting the Return On Investment that you expect.
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Constance Cereola
IBN Long Island
IBN Long Island

IBN Long Island Provides Low Coast Advertising solutions for small business in Long Island.

Digital signage is the next revolution in advertising. We’ve placed screens in businesses through out Long Island, from Fire Island to Northport.

We’ve grown from a small network of 3 screens to over a hundred screens in high-profile businesses. Our revolutionary model allows local businesses to be seen by local shoppers, for a price that doesn’t break the bank
How We Do It
Location Screen Sharing. We create a local network of web connected Indoor Billboards, (HD TV’s), in various locations where the local community tend to frequent. These locations are referred to as Network Partners, which tend to be quite unique to the local neighborhood community.

We not only remotely manage the content to each Partner but we also create the ads with messaging that is specific to each Partners customer base giving them top of mind relevancy and triggering word of mouth.

Network Partner:
Our Network Partner program is simply described as a screen sharing program. Those who participate play in other non-competitive locations where the chances of their customer base frequent are fairly high giving them constant exposure creating top of mind and increasing the probability of word of mouth.

All of our participants are after the same customer base why not work with each other and stay on top of our base every place they may go. Want to join? Give us a call for a quick demo – it only takes 5-10 minutes.

Network Advertisers:
Our Network Advertising program allows businesses to further their brand awareness in local areas where it means the most.
These are areas in communities where the local customer base frequent on their daily, weekly or monthly social pattern of living. Advertisers get to play their ad inside Network Partner (non-competitive) locations thousands of times a month. Month to month, no contracts. Don’t have an ad? No problem.
Availability is limited since we do not allow too many of the same industry to play inside the same location. Give us a call and ask for a quick demo, it only takes 5-10 minutes
24 Bellmeade Avenue, Suite C, Smithtown, NY
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