Body Mantra and Barre Salt Spa

Body Mantra and Barre Salt Spa

The Body Mantra  and Barre Salt Spa is the beginning of a brand that is going to sweep the nation. As an expert in the field of human potential, I have examined people for decades in all facets of life and watched what made them all so successful .They all shared one thing in common and that was daily positive habits and extreme self care. Some may call it tasks lists ,other may call it daily rituals . Either way , what I witnessed over the years was what made a person truly successful, spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. I have built this center to teach all of you what I have learned. A mantra is a sound or physical motion that teaches you how to use positive repetition daily to be the best version of you. Barre teaches you how to ground yourself in that repetition so you are centered in yourself before you proceed further in all tasks and endeavors of your beautiful life. Welcome to magic and let the glorious journey begin…

Nationally known  celebrity methods and spa services are being brought to this new healing spa and boutique fitness studio with expertly created “The  Body Mantra Method”, Barre, Yoga ,Meditation, Reiki, Crystal Healing and  more ……

Featuring Holistic Medicine and Supervision
along with……..
       Barre and Yoga studio

Infra Red healing system

Salt Therapy Room

Private Training Studio


Crystal Healing

WellBeing Boutique

Fine Crystals and Jewelry


Changing Room
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